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 Unban Mangale!!!

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Posted on 08-12-21 11:04 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I mostly dont give a crap about this website. But the way our very smart admin(or dumb shall i say) decided to ban Mr Mangale bro was very funny to me. Looks like it was the idea of promoting baseless conspiracy theorists like "Sexy in Sari" over people with helpful and logical ideas.

It feels good to read to posts that are helpful to people and that has logic then random craps that are promoted in this website. Anandnepal was also another user who had some nice contents which does not show up here much these days.

If other users agree with me, plz reply to this thread so it looks like a petition to unban our Mangale dada!!
The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 08-12-21 1:54 PM     [Snapshot: 93]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I second the unban mangale movement. Reminds me of ukhaan ke garis mangale afnai dhangale! Noone really gives a crap about this website except the dumb or smart admin who makes it to the bank every month while users like us wasting our valuable time on useless stuff. Wonder if he gets pissed off someday to reveal private info of conspiracy theorists like plandemic, oversmart people like pandeyji or sexual deviants like underwear.

Jai sambho!
Posted on 08-12-21 2:21 PM     [Snapshot: 119]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Its funny how no post on sajha can survive without mentioning the great "underwear". you guys truly made him a legend. .
Posted on 08-13-21 6:34 AM     [Snapshot: 265]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Haha who says underwear is a legend? Underwear is a sexually frustrated creep who gets off of creating imaginary stories of sexual grandeur. He looks at all his female relatives and his friends' female family members as sexual objects. He probably suffers from oedipus complex. He should seek help before it wrecks his and his family's emotional health any further.
Posted on 08-13-21 9:04 AM     [Snapshot: 307]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Good morning Pandeyji and Bobby Brown,

This creep did have a presence for several good years when you guys were learning how to sneak your way into pornhub and clear history. I have been followed, adored, vilified, eulogized and cursed by several hundreds. I still get messages from several users. They loved me and hated me but didn't ignore me...

...unlike you guys who are as oblivious as an insignificant speck in Sajha. Go fly a kite.

Peace. LOL
Posted on 08-13-21 9:09 AM     [Snapshot: 316]     Reply [Subscribe]
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The term legend is subjective. I know.

But statistics say otherwise. LOL.

My profile has been visited a whooping 32000 times and counting.

Pandeyji's profile - barely 3000.

Bobby Brown (who perhaps changed his pseudonym because he perhaps was embarrassed by none other by me time and again) - merely 10 times.

You both need to get a room losers.
Posted on 08-13-21 9:32 AM     [Snapshot: 334]     Reply [Subscribe]
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नागाहरुलाई रमाइलो मानेर पढे भने ४-५ कक्षाका विद्यार्थी झै सबै कथा सत्य कथा ठानेर बस्ने सँग जबाफ दिनु नपर्ने हो | नदिए मलद्वारमा उम्रेका चुर्ना झै बेला कुबेला सगबगाउछन |
चुर्नाले सताएपछी कमै साझा छिरिन्छ , के लेखे त्यस्तो र साझा एडमिन ले ब्यान गरे | उन्का लेखाइमा तेस्ता उच्छ्रिन्कल, चाडा कुरा र मन नपरेकालाई अरुले जस्तो खोजी खोजी चुर्ना झै टासिने र आमाचाक्ली लेखेको कहिलै पाईन | आइ लैइक्ड हिज कामेन्ट्स |
Posted on 08-13-21 9:39 AM     [Snapshot: 342]     Reply [Subscribe]
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OK here you go guys .. your favorite underwear has returned ... enjoy his posts!! and yeah underwear dont go underground again .. entertain this barren sajha land which is missing some great users.

I created this thread hoping our kind Sajha admin (although I like to challenge his ethics sometimes) would unban Mangale. Reason behind it being he usually has good views and advices on immigration. Hope Mangale also returns like underwear just did.

Cheers!! happy weekend yall.

ps: I am not here for views lol. If that was the case i would create one long thread and keep on commenting myself everytime everyday lol like some other famous users do here. 
Last edited: 13-Aug-21 09:39 AM

Posted on 08-13-21 9:53 AM     [Snapshot: 362]     Reply [Subscribe]
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It was more towards Bobby Brown than you Pandeyji.


Enjoying my hibernation. It gets busy in East coast, I lose time in traffic.

Take care.
Posted on 08-13-21 10:22 AM     [Snapshot: 386]     Reply [Subscribe]
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भाया यो मंगले बक्लोल हो, नास भाया र मंगले भाया टिम-अप गरेर त्योबेला मेरो एउटा लेखमा विवाद सिर्जना गरेर त्यो लेख हटाउने बाध्य गरेको थियो।
Posted on 08-13-21 10:28 AM     [Snapshot: 395]     Reply [Subscribe]
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के लेख्ब्नु भयो त्यस्तो बिबाद हुने गरी ? Seems I missed it.
Posted on 08-13-21 11:39 AM     [Snapshot: 419]     Reply [Subscribe]
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लोगनको चाकमा गु अडक्योरे कुरा सुन्न नपाएर … कसैले छोटकरीमा बताईदिनु पर्यो। हि मिस्सड इट रे।
Posted on 08-13-21 12:37 PM     [Snapshot: 459]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You are 100 % correct it's not my constipated waste but you head is stocked in my anus.
Posted on 08-13-21 12:50 PM     [Snapshot: 468]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Pandeyji so full of accolades for underwear and underwear appearing here right away to answer questions about his oedipus complex. That is indeed remarkable. Did your spider sense alert you of this post in your deep hibernation? Or did someone shine that bat light in the sky for you to come swooping in to save your reputation from the villainous bobby brown. And who is counting views in sajha profile haha anyone with a peanut size brain can get 100k views just by reloading. But seriously, are you seeing someone for your psychological health need? Do it soon. All that pent up sexual frustration can’t be good for you.
Posted on 08-13-21 12:58 PM     [Snapshot: 487]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Out of all the possibilites for your mighty villanious new account you chose bobby_brown. i recommend boobie_brown would have sounded even better. ...  
Last edited: 13-Aug-21 01:17 PM

Posted on 08-13-21 1:24 PM     [Snapshot: 514]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 13-Aug-21 03:40 PM

Posted on 08-13-21 4:20 PM     [Snapshot: 568]     Reply [Subscribe]
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How did I become villain for you? Are you underwear’s spokesperson now? 🤔
Posted on 08-13-21 4:36 PM     [Snapshot: 579]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Oh bobby broda i thought u introduced urself as villanuous bobby brown so was refereing to that. I aint spokeperson of anyone but i dont have reason to bash mr underwear also. U can happily argue with anyone. Happy friday broda. Peace!!
Posted on 08-13-21 5:07 PM     [Snapshot: 599]     Reply [Subscribe]
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एक बार एक बादशाह ने खुसीसे सब कैदि को रिया कर्दिया
उन कैदी वो मे बादशाह ने एक कैदी को देखा जो बोहोत बुज्रुक था
बादशाह ने कैदी को पुछा तुम कबसे कैद में हो
बुज्रुक ने बताया आप का अब्बा के दौर से
ये सुनकर बादशाह के आखो मे आसु आगया और बोला
इसको दोबारा कैद करो ये अबबा के निसानी हे।
Posted on 08-13-21 9:29 PM     [Snapshot: 647]     Reply [Subscribe]
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This reminds me of my long lost highschool friend

Posted on 08-13-21 9:34 PM     [Snapshot: 651]     Reply [Subscribe]
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this reminds me of all the characters on this website :)

but my point is some important and helpful characters should not be banned based on impulsion... that is all .......

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