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 Actually i decided to leave for good
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Posted on 04-02-22 5:03 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I m leaving USA for good after 18 years! I realized this capitalist country is making me work n give up my better life in Nepal! This country is for people who r poor n wants to come n make a living! I have seen people working everyday 8-12 hrs n die getting diseases! People r just greedy to give their children free education n free tax refunds provided here!  My family comes from Kathmandu n money is not a big deal to survive! We have land outside Kathmandu too! I never lived a village life n i m thinking of going n live there raising cattles in hills!
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Posted on 04-02-22 6:37 PM     [Snapshot: 49]     Reply [Subscribe]
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good luck n take care,. I am lot older than u. bhagwaan kripa le hundai cha mero kaam, I have read ur other posts and know that u r not married and dont have work ( correct me if I am wrong and dont take this the wrong way ) . if u leave now ur kids will have the same struggle. they will have to start from zero level. " People r just greedy...!" I did not understand this part. But u r the one to make the decision so take care.
Posted on 04-02-22 8:58 PM     [Snapshot: 120]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bhanni pani testai
Biswas garni pani testai .
Bholi aayera bennedict boka aayera ma pani Nepali farkinchu bhannla
K biswas garni, kas-kas lai biswas garni kina biswash garni
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Posted on 04-03-22 12:08 AM     [Snapshot: 174]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@tps paisa cha bhane nepal jada ramro ta ho ni .natra yeta na uta.uta bhako property ni arkai le udaidincha
Posted on 04-03-22 12:57 AM     [Snapshot: 201]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sanak dude,
Since you took my name here again as usual. Let me clarify something to you.

# No, I will never post any "cry baby" post here stating I am to leave USA for Nepal.
# Reasons being I have developed more ties here than in Nepal.
# I have my respect and good memories of time spent there in Nepal, but every year my ties to Nepal are slimming down. Sad but true.

P.S. I would like to request every people to read what this Shekhar dude had been posting in the past to give him any benefit of doubt. This guy lives in some bubble of illusions. God bless the mess.

Posted on 04-03-22 6:04 PM     [Snapshot: 407]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bennedict may be you r not family oriented n u dun care about them! U really dun care about parents brothers n sisters! May be u only care about your wife n children! May be u r happy to get applause from fake people who r here with u just coz u have money n status! U will realize that those connections are there as long as there is given n taken from each other! N honestly the people of this country will always look us as a poor immigrant who come here for a American dream! They think we cone here for better life! Even if u have millions they will look upon as u as a immigrant trying to make it! They thin we didn’t have food n shelter back home! Screw that my Nepali dream is way better than American dream! Work work pay tax n make other country rich but no help to Nepal!
Posted on 04-04-22 2:31 AM     [Snapshot: 510]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yo boka ben is money- oriented guy Shekhar buda.
Shekhar lai bhannu aba chai kehi chaina .
Yaha bata farkine nepali haru lai bhitra bata nai goodluck.
Gari khau keta haru aafnai desh ma . Self satisfaction bhanda aru yo sansar ma aru thulo chizz Kehi xhaina .
Rabi lamichhane who spent his life working in subway for a decade missed his mothers funeral only for a greencard . Later he realized greencard is just a plastic and returned Nepal for good . I salute to those folks who takes these steps. Go Shekhar go . U will feel bad for a month , 2 months but once u get used to … u will be the happiest person than this bloke bennedict . 🕉🕉🕉🕉
Posted on 04-04-22 9:30 AM     [Snapshot: 576]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Look who is talking. The guy who has been dreaming for so long time that his TPS would translate to green card one day in this country is giving me some wisdom on self satisfaction. Why don't you return Nepal at first and set an example instead of blabbering the nonsense?
I worked hard for my American dream and played everything by rule. I take pride for my struggles and experiences. It was not an easy path like you may have imagined, brother.

Regarding Shekhar, we all know this guy has not been working supposedly for the past 10-11 years according to him, but then he claims he has been screwing Mexican and Blacks in the store he used to work. Now all of sudden, something hits him, he wants to go back and raise cattle in the village in Nepal!! Is this guy for real?? What is his problem?
Shekhar dude, cut this crap!

Posted on 04-04-22 9:38 AM     [Snapshot: 584]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I still cannot even imagine in my weirdest dream somebody who is born in Kathmandu, lived his 18 years in USA, now planning to settle in some village in Nepal and start raising cattle like what this Shekhar is talking about. Is this even remotely possible?? Unless he is some "Mahavir Pun" or "Ravi Lamichane", Maybe.
Posted on 04-04-22 1:24 PM     [Snapshot: 666]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Stupid money oriented bhaaratiya boka bennedict. If a stupid people like you can get a greencard working from a desi company via fake resumes and experience , why shouldn’t I ? Atleast I don’t belong in that category.
Bhaartiya dhoti bennedict . Raasan card liyeees.
Taile k hard work garis bhanta greencard lina ?? Taile [Disallowed String for - use not allowed] dhoti Ko chaak kotyauna gayis tei ho ra aile pani kottai rako chas . Thukka Haraami nalayak Dhoti.. jaaaa gayera marr baru
Jaha samma Mero kura gareko chas dreaming tps to gc .. hell Yeahh dhoti ben … sittai ma deko cha tps liney ho ni . I have been here just lol over 6 yrs and I am still continuing my school . Tero jindagi Kasto hola bhanera Kaile kaahi sochchhu? Ta euta sadistic stupid money oriented boka hosh who have earned lil bit via training but is not happy inside . Ta yeti samma lonely chas Ki u have so much of time to spent ur time in sajha taile Euta kura sune ko chas ki chaina .. manchey haru jatti paisa ra takat bata jatti nai mathi pugcha Tetti nai asliyat ra सच bata tadaa tadaa bhaag cha. Ta sanga pani testai bhayeko cha bennedict. Paisa ta kamayis hola Tara aafno khud ko maamla ma sano huna pugis. Hahahahhaa
Posted on 04-04-22 3:01 PM     [Snapshot: 718]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Here are a few things I oppose:

# You called me stupid money-oriented
But then who is not here in this world, we need money for one reason or the other. Look at Mr. Kattu Tiwari. Have you ever done some calculations? If Kattu Tiwari has a job that pays him $300,000 a year how much would that be every hour?
I have many aspirations in life and many responsibilities towards my family, and for that I need money, yes. No double standards there!

# Bharatiya boka
You cannot call me anti-national or bharatiya just because I do not mind speaking in Hindi. This is my personal preference while I hang out with my Indian friends. You have no say on what I or what I should not be doing. Period! If that is so then your Prachanda, Deuba all should be Bharatiya going by your standards.

# Greencard working a desi company via fake resume and experience
Dude, you seriously need to stop generalizing everyone in the same bracket. I have my stories and struggles but it was not via desi company, faking resume and experience. I hope that is clear. I got what I deserved everything on my merits and nothing else.

#sittaima deko TPS line ni
This is the most pathetic statement ever heard. That is why people like Bairagi keeps on making fun at your expense but you never seem to get it. Anyway, being a fellow Nepalese, I pray one day your TPS shall convert to green card.

#paisako takat
This is all in your head. I never boast I have so much money or never did I say I make $100 K or 300K like some people here are doing without any qualms. This place has been like the only place to brag about your salary really. I embrace life and what it is offering while visiting this place. I do not embrace any arrogance about my position or supposed monetary power that you think I am displaying.

The only good thing I can commend in the last post of yours is that you still go to school and that is something I feel good about you, the rest you have to change your attitude, brother.

Posted on 04-05-22 12:50 AM     [Snapshot: 843]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I will be back with you dhoti bennedict a hole
Posted on 04-05-22 8:30 AM     [Snapshot: 896]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Be prepared for relatives pulling your legs all the time and people from your past who may not be the same.

Have a plan to generate passive income, as lack of money will suck your time, your energy and your life.

Good luck, otherwise!

P.S. It will also be smart to really communicate to folks back home that you are going back of your own accord and not because you failed here. (that is just the start of the leg pulling)
Posted on 04-08-22 11:45 AM     [Snapshot: 1316]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Goodluck man! As Sanaklal said life is struggle where ever you are. Atleast you will be with your lived ones in Nepal.

There are lot of opportunities in Nepal because there are many problems that needs to be solved. Maybe you can be part of problem solving. It doesn't have to be big. Small problems will do. 👍



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