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Posted on 06-07-09 2:13 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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नेवा: सँस्कृतियागु बारे छ:गु जक खँ धाय फु-व ख: एकदम सहनशील। नेपा मन्डले
पृथ्वी नारायणं खूनी हमला याउ न्हापा निसीँ नेवा:मी पिँ थ:थगु धर्म व: जीवन
पद्धती अँगालेयाना आरामँ च्वनाच्वँगु झीगु ईतिहास दु:। नेपाल भाषाके पोख्त
मुसमा, क्रिश्चियन, बौद्धमार्गी व हिन्दुमार्गी दक्वँ नेवा: सँस्कृतियागु दुने
च्वनाच्वँगु ख:। तर, जब व: आक्रमणकारी नँ ल्हा तल, नेवा: सँस्कृतियागु दुनेये
फुट व विभाजन पिकेयात हजार कोशिस यात। दक्वसेँ न्हापाला नेवा: क्रिश्चियन तयत
आक्रमण यात। मनुवाद त राज्यदर्शन यायेत: व: आक्रमणकारी नँ नेवा: क्रिश्चियन तयत
आक्रमण यागु ख:। नेपाल मन्डले दुने राष्ट्रिय व: अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय सँबन्ध बढेया
फुपिँ व: नेवामी तयत: यागु हत्या, बलात्कार व अत्याचारयागु भन्डाफोर जुई धाया
ग्याना: व: हमलाकारी नँ नेवा: क्रिश्चियन तयत थगु: जन्मभूमी नँ जबर्जस्ती
हतियारयागु बलय देशनिकाला यागु ख:।


There is not an iota of doubt that we are the most tolerant culture in
entire Nepal. Newah culture used to be melting pot of Christianity, Islam,
Buddhism and Hinduism. Nepal Mandal used to be the spectacular place in the
entire world where all the religions co-existed. The Muslims were even
provided their own Mosque. Similarly, the Christians were also about to
practice their faith in a full-fledged manner. But, everything changed with
the arrival of the barbaric mercenary whom till date the Mandales fondly
address as Bada Maharaj Prithvi. Combined by the rich Nepal Bhasha, Newahs
of valley performed their duties peacefully without any major armed
conflict. Small disputes and altercations were generally solved over the
negotiation table. The concept of autonomy was so deep that Kathmandu valley
itself used to have different rulers. In hindsight, the Malls kings of Nepal
perfectly practiced the model of federalism in then Nepal Mandala. But,
peace-loving, culturally rich and craftsmen's society was targeted for
devastation, subjugation and centuries long servitude.

All these started with a desire of a sick mentality groomed under the
influences of Manusmriti. Prithvi Narayan was made to believe from his
childhood that he was destined to be the ruler and he was taught by
Manusmriti followers that massacring peoples belonging to other culture and
society never constitutes a sin. But, before they launched real bloody
attack, first they disguised themselves as help-seekers. Prithvi's father
Narbhupal requested then ruler of Bhaktapur to teach his son some nuances
about Newah culture and civilization. And here came the turning point in our
cultural history when the Prithvi set his dirty, mean and filthy feet on the
soil of Bhaktapur at first.

Exactly like present day intelligence officials, Prithvi started gathering
information on geo-political situation, entrance points to the valley and
international relations of then valley administrators. But, ignorant to
Prithvi's grand-designs, Ranjit Malla kept on feeding the milk to that
cobra. Never before in history, one man's blunder brought devastation to the
entire culture as witnessed in this case. Once he knew and gathered
information, he did what only Gayasuddin Tugalak had done before. But,
unlike Gayasuddin, this mercenary stayed put and allowed a new version of
Manusmriti to come into existence so that every one of his followers would
keep on attacking, displacing, framing and even murdering ordinary Newahs
for more than 2 centuries and till date.

Historically, the creator of Bahunbad in Nepal is none other than the
mercenary Prithvi and his bahun advisors. Bahun advisors provided religious
legitimacy to blood-thirsty urges of Prithvi and Prithvi quenched his thirst
with the blood of ordinary Newahs who were not even directly related with
governance. The valor and bravery of Newah fighters terrified Manusmriti
laden hollow mind of Prithvi very much. And to conceal his cowardice, he
showed his bravery by chopping off the noses and ears of Newahs who were by
then his own subject. Coward Prithvi failed to perform his RajDharma at the
first instance itself. And to consolidate his rule in Nepal Mandala, he
stopped recruiting Newahs in his mercenary army on the pretext of Newahs
being coward and timid. His actions show that he was the real coward. But,
his bahun advisors set the propoganda machinery hyperactive and Newahs
started getting the treatment of second class citizen.

People here fondly recall Dharma Bhakta, Gangalal, Shukra Raj Shastri and
Dashrath Chanda and claim that there is no distinction amongst these
martyrs. I fully agree on this point. We ordinary Newahs, have never
discriminated anyone based on race, ethnicity or language. Dashrath Chanda
is as great a martyr as great are Dharma Bhakta, Gangalal and Shukra Raj.
This is our viewpoint. But, the Bahunbadi rulers have never viewed it as we
see. Bahunbad even discriminates amongst the martyrs. Because of this
discrimination we have "living martyer" in Tanka Prasad Acharya. I hope that
many friends know about Tanka Prasad Acharya.

Tanka Prasad's case highlights another important issue of how the Bahunbad
is practiced in Nepal. Though Shukra Raj Shastri also belonged to Bahun
community, yet he was considered worthy to be hanged. *There were two Bahuns
-one speaking Nepali as mother tongue and another as Nepal Bhasha as mother
tongue*. But, the Bahunbadi practitioners thought that the *bahun speaking
Nepal Bhasha* is more dangerous than the *bahun speaking Nepali*. This
clearly indicates that, in the eyes of Bahunbadis, everyone who speaks other
Nepalese languages can be murdered.

Many Newahs claim that we have problems within ourselves. We have different
surnames and we are also different. That is right. Personally, I believe
that even amongst our family members, we are different. A husband is quite
different from his wife and his children. It is not necessary that what I
think must be agreed on by my beloved. It is equally true that my own
brothers and sisters may view the issue differently. At this modern age, we
all accept differences in opinion, views, and tastes within our own family.
So, it is logical for many of us to distinguish ourselves from our cousins,
and our neighbors. So, it is quite possible that we consider ourselves as
hailing from Kathmandu or Bhaktapur or Lalitpur or from outside valley. But,
the way we accept differences are quite different from the way the
Bahunbadi's maintain differences. We do it as natural inclination due to our
respective individuality and affinity to place of our birth, but bahunbadis
do it by wrongly interpreting us as *an alien language speaking alien race*

Merely for speaking Nepal Bhasha as mother tongue, Bahunbadis are portraying
us as a hostile race. They get alarmed if one Newah talks in Nepal bhasha
with another Newah. They go to supreme court if a municipality starts
facilitating Nepal bhasha speaking elderly people of Kathmandu valley in its
offices. They term us racist if we demand our human rights to speak, talk
and learn things in our mother tongues. Bahunbadis, only in a few occasions,
accept that there is a diversity amongst Newahs. That is when they have to
put one Newah against another Newah. To sabotage solidarity amongst Newahs,
they start inciting their agents to spread the rumours that *"Chitrakars" *are
now evolving as* "Chalchitrakars." *And to shut the voices of Newah
solidarity, they incite their racist agents to call the names in public
discussion while lowering the level of discussion itself.

The case of Martyrs show that the biggest racists in Nepal are Bahunbadis.
They are the real supporters of Nazis. And they emulate what Hitler had done
in then Germany. *"**Hitler also claimed that a nation was the highest
creation of a "race", and "great nations" (literally large nations) were the
creation of homogeneous populations of "great races" working together." *And
present day political situation is also no different. If we look at the
faces in leadership in all the political parties, we can see that the ghost
of Hitler is resurrecting itself in Nepal. From Nirmal Lama to Ganesh Man
Singh, we have many great leaders in Nepal. But, few of them succeeded in
politics. Bahunbad has taken its toll on political leaders also as it is
quite similar to racism practiced by Hitler.

When Ganesh Man jee talked against "Bahunbad", Girija got so incensed that
he went on to humiliate Ganeshman jee in total contravention of Ganeshman
Jee's "सर्वमान्यता." To defame Ganesh Man jee, Girija accused that Ganesh
Man jee is practicing nepotism. In reality, the ugliest practitioner of
nepotism is none other than Girija. Girija has emulated Hitler so much that
now we can see only Bahunbadis as prominent leaders in Nepali congress. When
Pushpa Lal was fighting against the Bahunbadi racist monarchy of Nepal, many
Bahunbadi communists leaders deserted him and started bloody Jhapa movement.
Today, respected Pushpa Lal is no where in the scene, and not having to
share leadership with him anymore, these Bahunbadis are praising him a lot.
But, when there comes the question of nominating a candidate for
"President," they forward another Bahunbadi name. And this process has
become so entrenched that within Kathmandu valley, one Bahunbadi racist
called Rameshore Phunyal today claims that "Newars are not capable of not
providing leadership in UML valley units." Rameshore Phunyal has echoed
Hitler verbatim.

At last, I must request all the friends, and seniors that this is the right
moment for now to push for autonomous Newah state. If we miss this occasion,
history will never forgive us. The historical injustices against Newah
continued for last 240 years can be redeemed only now. Further attacks on
individual Newahs by Bahunbad can be checked. And hapless Newahs may not
have to go to jail on false charges like Shakina Manandhar. We need legal
system, municipality and government offices, where Nepal Bhasha can be used
without inviting hostile observations. And we need Malpot offices where
Bahunbadi thugs do not swindle our lands.

saroj suwa

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My Nepal -- My Mother

Mr. Saroj Suwa! Good views.

But, I find the source of problems is Newars
themselves.  They indeed are “kuwako bhyaguta.”  I am sick of Newars.  They always want to be in “feel good”
mood.  I ask what the f**k is going on in
the minds of these people.  They think
they are rich in culture and heritage, but what were they doing at the time of
gaining power?  And, now just complaining
about everything.  Newars have everything
but nothing.  Boy, it is matter of
power.  Yes, they tolerated and tolerated
and tolerated and tolerated and tolerated everything that happened in their
homeland, what the f**k? When will these people realize and open their eyes –
when? After being chased off of Valley? F**K.


They created monuments here, but why did they built if they
can’t protect them?  Mr. Suwa I
don’t have to show you temples in the valley whose idols, jewels, etc. has been
stolen.  Why can’t they protect their


What about the lands? 
I heard once that Kathmandu valley land is world’s second fertile land
after Finland’s.  Once, growing gold now is growing concrete
trees transforming the valley to a concrete jungle.  What about Bagmati and Vishnumati – so sacred
rivers who meet Ganges.  They now flow the “suu and guu.”


My only question is why these so-called valley-dweller
Newars can’t protect their abode.  What
were they doing at the time of local election, why aren’t they in the powerful
position at least if not higher in their local governance, if they are what the
f**k are they f**king?  Were they in
Bhatti drinking “Jhol” letting the people, who now they complain, win power and
rule them.  F**K.


I get angry when Newars communicating each other in Khasa
language, even worse the new‑generation Newars don’t know their mother tongue –
but they write Newari thars in their name.

All views are WELCOME!!!

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I find Newars are really troubling on Sajha Websites.

Mam-Pakeh Ta...!!!!

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That's why the sole solution now is to make English as Nepal official language.

peace my Newar brothers

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Da one you have really put forward some good and serious questions..

When will these people realize and open their eyes when? After being chased off of Valley?

yes, you are right..newars have tolerated too much. These bahunbad leaders have totally ruined the country. Newars although most of them well educated are too selfish. They are not willing to stand up against these corrupt bahunbad leaders. Because most of them are in okie or well to do position, they have totally neglected the country. They are too much politically inactive and totally closed their eyes.

 At every level of state, it is run by bahunbad civil servants who aren't willing to do anything without swindling little bit of cash under the table.

Kathmandu has one of the most fertile land but right now there is always food shortage. All the newars have sold their parentals land for handsome money. Now look at the population explosion of people in the valley. Valley can hardly even support itself. Newars are being minority in their own land. Worst of all when people speak in newari language between friends, some people instead take advantage and try to label it as racist. But, it is actually people who have no respect for others language and heritage are the true racist. Nowdays, new generation newars can't even speak in their own language what a same. Bhasa muuah sa desh muaie....

Take a look at the justice system. There is no law and order. Even in there, all are same kind of people put forward by bahunbad leader, totally corrupt. Any one can do anything with political backing..There is no serious punishment for criminals. Day and night is counted as 2 days, when sentenced to prison.

Take a look at news media, how heavily it is influced by corrupt people who run it. Worst 1, nomination of girja and prachanda for nobel peace prize, OMFG, how can any aware and ratinonal person even digest such news. You are only seeing, what they want you to believe.

This is what happens when country is run by people without morality and any sort of qualification.

wakeup newars how much can you tolerate. How much can you close ya eyes.

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hey jhi newa,

pls email me at bk.prdhn@gmail.com 

i think we share the same views, we need to discuss things

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1. "Newars are being minority in their own land."
WTF? Own land? ji newah, there is no such thing as own and mine. everything runs is dialectical way that supports the survival of the fittest. mauryans were replaced by lichchhavis, them by newars, them by chalukayas - bottom line: if one can't hold on to their position for too long, others will take over - simple as that. hence, please don't personalize the country based on any creed - race, religion or anything else.

They get alarmed if one Newah talks in Nepal bhasha with another Newah.
you think so because you want to. i'm brahman by race (but F**K it, i care not) but was raised among newars. i speak perfect newari so does my dad, my grandpa, my grandma, my uncle. even my aunt, who did not know newari, learnt the language after her marriage to better know newar people and their culture. i totally don't see your statement's validation. i'm not saying that all people are tolerant like people in my village but trust me, it is your manko baagh eating you up brother, not people of other races. i've seen people - not only brahmins, but other casts too - calling newars different names but
calling them "an alien language speaking alien race"? Never! these 23 years, i've never seen anyone anywhere asking a newar to not speak in newari amongst themselves. o'course, if there's a group of friends/people of mixed races, they speak the common language - nepali. but once again, never seen anyone asking newars (probably unknown/strangers) to stop speaking newari.

3. coming to your martyr's viewpoint, dashrath chand was not brahmin. please review your history. his full name: dashrath chand thaakur, so, a rajput, ie chhetri. am not trying to create a fight here but please, check your sources again before commenting on history.

"..the mercenary Prithvi and his bahun advisors.."
sir, had not this mercenary united eastern nepal and his son the western nepal, you'd probably be speaking english now, let alone newari and nepali. i know the way he attacked kirtipur, how he treated the residents there, and the way he attacked the valley were not 'by law', per say. but don't you believe that there have been more gains than the losses? and please, he also killed magars, chhetris, even his own relatives (nuwakot, makwanpur and so on). so, history seems to speak for all other castes, not just newars. again, not trying to debate your views, but just pointing out that there were many others who suffered as well, thus lets respect their tolerance too.

5. i am sad to see that you have missed the point about autonomous newah state. it is not being done for snatching ktm or lalitpur or bhaktapur as a different state from the country itself. in fact, it is the voice for the recogition of newars, their contributions and their rich culture. i was in nepal when they organised peace rallies and kon-sabhas before declaring the bandh. i was in ason when they had organized a musical-dabali. clearly, they were not looking for a separation, but a space among the chaos where they can celebrate their cultural richness, where they can be assured that their heritage will be safe.

two quotes at the end:

1. Bertrand Russel:
Collective fear stimulates herd instinct, and tends to produce ferocity
toward those who are not regarded as members of the herd.

2.  Nietzsche You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.

Any and all comments are welcome.

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This kind of conversations wil bring nothing but trouble.  Both to Ji Newaa and Da One. Spewing venom is not going to help solve anything but further deteroirate current situation.


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@ bhikari
The medieval state of Nepal, as I choose to define it, revolved solely on two loci of competing political entities in the post medieval Nepal, namely the then Gorkha state which was confined by the might of Lamjung in west, and the comparatively prosperous fiefdom of Nepal (Kantipur, Yela and Khapa).
Moreover, to subject human rationality and logicality to the raw darwinian ethos of "survival of the fittest"would be foolish. If nature's selectivism is to be law in the human domain where contrasting notion of human rights, sympathy and the mere right to exist have formed, then the survival of most nations of the world, whose mere existence is dependent on foreign aid and the belief which was established by the Westphalian Peace Treaty that followed the Bourbon struggles in Renaissance Europe, would be in jeopardy. I ask from whence comes this "...dialectical way that supports the survival of the fittest.."hypothesis, clearly an extract from the more crude realisties of human evolution?
Now moving over to the two competing forces established in Nepal in the 1600s - The question here is not the Bahunbad of Mr. Suwa's piece, neither is it your "survival of the fittest" hypothesis. The realities of modern Nepal are such that the linear definition of history and the propaganda pubished and spread after the Newar defeat in the Gorkha-Newar war, led to not only a geographic conquest of Nepal but transformation of ethnic multi-cultural nature of Nepal itself. "Char Jat Chattis Barna ko Phulbari" is a hypocritical statement of the first Khas king Prithvi Shah where the hypocrisy seems to be very ironic. On the one hand is this statement by the then conqueror of a Nepalese identity based on multicultural existence, while on the other hand the laws that were superimposed on the Newa laws, a derivative of the monastic way of life influenced by Hinduism from the south,  seem to undermine the very "Char Jat Chattis Barnako Phulbari" that the Khas proclaimed to uphold. A conscious attempt was made to wipe out the very fabric of this "Phulbari" by the Khas (Khe:) starting with the undermining of Nepal Bhasa, a Tibeto-Burmese language, and the sole linkage between the Newars within the valley who racially themselves diverse.

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"sir, had not this mercenary united eastern nepal
and his son the western nepal, you'd probably be speaking english now,
let alone newari and nepali."
Do you proclaim that this is the norm in every British colony? Two epitomes seem to stand out, India and Hong Kong! Need I say more!

"coming to your martyr's viewpoint, dashrath chand
was not brahmin. please review your history. his full name: dashrath
chand thaakur, so, a rajput, ie chhetr
With all due respect to Khas diversity, the question here is not the differentiation within the Khas community. I again refer to the two competing loci of authority in Nepal - The Khas and the Newars. You have to understand - we see no difference between Bahun and Chhetri. Their representation in the Gorkha-Newar war was as a single entity defined by the Gorkha state.

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पुष्कर लोहनी
पृथ्वीनारायण शाह भन्नेबित्तिकै महामण्डल  
काठमाडौं जिल्लासँग जोडिएरमात्र अस्तित्व भएको जिल्ला अवश्य पनि होइन।
सिन्धुपाल्चोक, धादिङ र रसुवसितको साँध, आ–आफ्नो किसिमको बेग्लाबेग्लै
मान्यता र धारणा। राजनीतिक महत्वको पक्षबाट हेर्नुपर्दा टोखासँग टाँस्सिन
पुगेको अवस्था। १२६२ सालदेखि नै पलाञ्चोकका उदय सिंहको विरुद्धको
गठबन्धनमा नुवाकोटले पनि साथ दिएको थियो। अस्तित्व रहेकाले नै होला ने.सं.
३६५ (वि.सं. १३०१) का दिन नुवाकोटका कहनह्रादेवको मृत्यु भयो भनेर गोपाल
वंशावलीले टिपोट गर्यो । कोटैकोट, नौवटा कोट– बेलकोट, कालीकाकोट, भैरवकोट,
मालाकोट, धुवाँकोट, प्यासकोट, सिमलकोट, धैवुङकोट र सल्यानकोट। अनि नामाकरण
भयो– नुवाकोट। कोट र टार, अनि फाँटका कुराहरू पनि नआई छाड्दैन। पिपलटार,
माझीटार र बट्टारको अस्तित्वको साथसाथै खरानीटार, समुन्द्रटार, भद्रुटार,
सिमुटार, गेर्खुटार र दर्शनटार। त्यतिले मात्र कहाँ पुग्ने हो र? थानसिङ
फाँट र ढिकुरे फाँट तथा छहरेको झरना। अनि सम्भि्कनुपर्ने हुन्छ, शेरा
फाँट–पृथ्वीनारायण शाहले कति महत्व ठाउँ बिर्से होलान् र अरुले बिर्सेको
ठाउँलाई महत्व दिँदा पतन भएको इतिहास पनि जिउँदै छ। महामण्डललाई सौताको
व्यवहार गर्दा जयप्रकाश मल्लले कसरी पराजित हुनुपर्यो , त्यो त आफ्नो
ठाउँमा छँदैछ। फाँटको इतिहास पनि कुनै दिन राम्ररी खोज्नुपर्ने हुन्छ–
शिखरबेसी फाँट, गडखार फाँट, खराने फाँट, सिमरा फाँट, रानीबारी फाँट आदि।
अलिअलि चासो लिन थालेकाले प्रत्यक्ष अनुभव केहीमात्रामा हुँदो रहेछ।
केटाकेटीदेखि नै सुनेको नाम–थानसिङ। थानसिङको परिवेशले उदारता ल्याउन
खोज्दा गेर्खु, बट्टार, शिखरबेसी, ढिकुरे आदि मेरो आँखा अगाडि घुम्न थाले।
इतिहासको पनि विकृत इतिहासको रूपमा अधकल्चो अवस्थाको नुवाकोट।
प्रमाणिक रूपमा 'गोपालराज वंशावली' लाई अघि सार्नुबाहेकको कुरा, जति परे
पनि नहुने त होइन। अन्दाजी र अड्कलबाजी! नुवाकोट ल दख्खल भयो– यथार्थ
कुराको अभाव। तर महत्वपूर्ण टिपोट हेर्दा– 'ने.सं. ४१० (वि.सं.१३४६) फागुन
कृष्ण प्रतिपदाको दिन जयतारि (जितारी मल्ल) आई नुवाकोट दख्खल गरे।'
त्यस्तै, ने.सं. ४३८ (विंसं. १३७४) को दिन श्री जयरुद्र मल्ल देवले
तलङ्गुम्पली नुवाकोट कब्जा गरे। राजनीति खेल्नेले खेलिरहे– तर प्रवाह भने
रोकिएन। खस राजा आदित्य मल्लले नुवाकोट कब्जा नगरेका होइनन्, गरे।
त्यतिमात्र पनि नपुग्ने भएर होला उपत्यकाभित्र पसेर तीन सहरमा आगोसमेत
लगाइदिए। मिल्नु र फुट्नु–फुटाउनु र लडाउनु, अनि एक्लाएक्लै पारेर पराजित
पार्नु त रणनीति नै हुन्छ– राजनीति खेल्नेहरूको। माया र दया भन्ने त शब्द
नै हुँदैन, उनीहरूको लागि। नुवाकोटका गज र पलाञ्चोक जयराजदेव मिले पनि
जयसिंह देवले गजको विरुद्ध ने.सं. ४४५ (वि.सं. १३९१) मा गजको विरुद्ध
नुवाकोटमा विद्रोह गरे। पछि ने.सं. ४६२ (वि.सं. १३९८) का दिन नुवाकोटको
विद्रोहमा जयसिंह देव मारिए। क्रम चलिरह्यो– योद्धाहरू समय समयमा
निस्किरहे। जित्नु र हार्नु, फर्काउनु र जोगाउनुको क्रम– समयको प्रवाह
ने.सं. ३५२ (वि.सं. १२६२) देखि हालसम्मको नुवाकोटको फेरबदल, अस्तित्व र
अस्तित्वविहीन अवस्थाको अस्तित्वको व्यक्तिगत रूप जेजस्तो भए पनि स्वरूप त
अलिअलि फेरिए पनि समग्रमा भन्नुपर्दा नुवाकोटको सिंगो लामघारे उचाइ। सबको
आँखा नुवाकोटमाथि। श्री जयरुद्र मल्लदेवको पटक–पटकको हमला– कोही अर्काको
राज्य ताक्छन् त कोही राज्य ताक्ने व्यक्तिको स्वास्नी ताक्न पुग्छन्।
गोपालराज वंशावलीको उतार पढ्ने हो स्पष्ट यसरी हुन्छ– 'ने.सं.४४० (वि.सं.
१३७६) फाल्गुन कृष्ण चतुर्थीको दिन सखु माले आफ्नी स्वास्नीकहाँ आएका भीम
मालाई पक्री छुरीले हाने। यसकारण श्री जयरुद्र मल्लदेवले सखु मालाई पक्री
शासन गरे। क्वाठछेंमा...काटे।'  
नुवाकोट सुरुदेखि नै काठमाडौं
उपत्यकाको महत्वपूर्ण ठाउँको रूपमा प्रख्यात थियो। विभिन्न व्यक्तिहरूले
यस ठाउँलाई आफ्नो मुठीमा राखे– राख्न त राखे, तर बराबर विद्रोह त भइनै
रहन्थ्यो। स्वतन्त्र थिए कि अधीनमा थिए– नुवाकोटे शासकहरू। नुवाकोटे
ठकुरीहरूबारे पनि अध्ययन गर्नु जरुरी छ– मल्लकालमा आएर नुवाकोट अरुको
अधीनमा बस्नु परेको थियो। मल्लकालका अन्तिम राजा जयप्रकाश मल्ल र गोरखाका
राजा नरभूपाल शाहको च्यापामा रहँदाको नुवाकोट त व्यापारिक दृष्टिले
मूलढोका नै भन्नुपर्छ। तिब्बतसितको व्यापार गर्न काठमाडौंलाई सजिलो बाटो।
जयन्त रानाको बाध्यता एकातिर थियो भने अर्कोतिर दुई/दुईपटक लडाइँ
लड्नुपरेको नुवाकोटको अवस्था। काठमाडौं उपत्यकाको शिथिल राजनीतिको अन्धकार
पक्षको फाइदा लिनसक्नु पृथ्वीनारायण शाहको सफलता मान्नुपर्छ। बनारसबाट
ल्याएका हतियारको महत्व जति ठूलो भए तापनि भक्तपुरले खेलेको रणनीतिबाट
धेरै नै फाइदा भयो नुवाकोट विजयका लागि। जयन्त रानाले आफ्नै साथीहरूबाट
धोका पाएका कारण आफ्नै शत्रुसित मिल्न जानु र आफ्नो शत्रुलाई आफ्नै ठानेर
पराजित मनस्थिति भएका जयप्रकाश मल्लको कुण्ठित परिस्थितिले नयाँ जोश र
नयाँ रणनीति अपनाउन सकेन। पृथ्वीनारायण शाहको रणनीतिले दुइटा रूप लिन
पुग्यो– हारखानुको विश्लेषण तथा लडाइँको बाटो परिवर्तन गर्नु। जयन्त
रानाले आड पाउन सकेनन्– जोगाउने प्रवृत्तिमा सीमित हुनुपर्योत।
नुवाकोटभन्दा माथिल्लो डाँडा अर्थात् महामण्डलमा पुगेको शत्रु पक्षलाई
पराजित गर्नुको सट्टा आफैं पराजित हुनुपर्दाको अवस्था। जयन्त राना
कान्तिपुर जानु र उनको छोरा शंखमणि सजिलैसित महामण्डलमा मारिनुको काकताली
क्षण। जयप्रकाश मल्लले रणनीति फेर्न नसक्नु र जयन्त रानाले पृथ्वीनारायण
शाहको इच्छालाई कसरी पलायन गर्नेतर्फ सोच विचारै नगरी पलायन हुनुले पनि
एउटा नयाँ कोण देखापर्न पुग्यो। महामण्डलको सेरोफेरो तथा नुवाकोटको
अवस्थालाई यथास्थितिमा नराखेको भए अथवा उपत्यकाभित्रको राजनीतिलाई आफ्नो
पक्षमा सन्तुलन गर्नसकेको भए आदि कुराले चित्त बुझाउनुसिवाय अर्को विकल्पै
थिएन त्यसबेला।  
नुवाकोटको महामण्डल–महामण्डलभित्रको सम्पूर्ण
नुवाकोट। नौ कोट मिलाएर बनाएको एउटा थुम्को, सानो थुम्को। त्यसैमा सीमित
भएर सुविधा खोज्न थालिँदा त्यसैमा भर। भर पर्दापर्दै पछाडि फर्किन नसक्दा
विशाल उचाइमा रहेको महामण्डलको छायाँले ओझेल पर्न जाँदाको नुवाकोट। कोल्टे
परेर बसेको डाँडा पछाडिबाट एक्कासि महामण्डलको समथलमा भिड्नुपर्दा, त्यो
पनि आधुनिक हतियारसहितका आफ्नै साथीहरूसितको जम्काभेट। पृथ्वीनारायण शाहले
यसै त भनेनन् होला– महामण्डल त नुवाकोटको सौता रहेछ। हुनसक्छ, पहिले
महामण्डललाई महत्व दिइए तापनि पछि सुविधाभोगी प्रवृत्तिले नुवाकोटलाई
अँगालेको पनि हुनसक्छ। तिब्बतसँगको व्यापारनाकाको दृष्टिले तयार पारिएका
बाटाहरू– कान्तिपुरदेखि नुवाकोटसम्म र नुवाकोटदेखि तिब्बतसम्म। बीचमा बास
बस्नुपर्ने र प्रशासनिक कारोबार मिलाउनुपर्दाको बाध्यता। माया
लाग्दालाग्दै बसेको ठाउँ पनि छोड्नुपर्ने हुन्छ– सम्भिँ्कदा सम्भि्कदै
महामण्डलको रूप पनि विस्तारै धमिलिँदै गयो होला। जसरी जयन्त रानालाई चोट
लागेर पृथ्वीनारायण शाहलाई छाडे, त्यस्तै जयप्रकाश मल्लले आफ्ना
सेनापतिलाई अविश्वास गरेर जयन्त रानालाई राख्दा ती सेनापतिको सहयोगी
प्रवृत्तिले हारखानु परेको थियो कि। बाबु–छोराको भरमा आफ्नो मुुटु दिनु
ठीक थियो कि थिएन, त्यसबारे राम्ररी सोचेर नै जयप्रकाश मल्लले ठहर गरेका
थिए होलान्। हार्नेले हार्योट, जित्नेले जित्यो। इतिहासको क्रम–
त्यहीक्रममा घुमाइएका साधारण सोझा जनता।  
पच्चीस वर्षसम्म नुवाकोटलाई
अखडा बनाएर युद्ध हाँक्ने काम पृथ्वीनारायण शाहबाट भयो। विजययात्रा
महामण्डलबाट भएपछि नुवाकोटलाई केन्द्रित गरेर अघि बढे। साततले दरबार
नुवाकोटको डाँडामा बनाए भने सम्मपरेका फाँटमा अर्को भव्य दरबार बनाए– शेरा
दरबारको नाममा।  
पृथ्वीनारायण शाह भन्नेबित्तिकै महामण्डल। महामण्डल भन्नेबित्तिकै साततले दरबार र शेरा दरबार!


If you read only one side you may
come to dangerous conclusion which may be very derogatory. Malla kings of
valley were also "Rajpot" or so called "Khas" you need
to read how the Title " Malla came into existence. Blaming only one
culture/person takes you no where but you will become a personality full of
hatred. Above articles gives a glimpse of politics/right and wrongdoings of
"kings" of that time. Some ppl here are trying to portray valley
before PNS was great everything was fine. If
you read history you will find there were civilizations more majestic then
Newar civilization but all of them collapsed. British Empire
was the largest empire known (approximately25% of the world under it) it
collapsed too, Genghis Khan Empire was the second largest (approximately 24% of
the world under it) it collapsed too. So called most glorious Egyptian/Roman
and Mayan they vanished too. So why cry and blame if Newar civilization
collapsed. Why you guys always want to blame others to hide weakness beacuse of
which the civilization collapsed.  History tells us “Likchabi” were also
great rulers. they built so many buildings, temples (Changu Narayan, "Kailaskut
Bhaban"  by Ansubarma, Man Bhaban by Man deo, but except for few
monuments so called art loving Malla kings never maintained them, never dare to
keep the glory of Likchabi kings, have you ever asked why?? and why after so
many years of “Khas” domination of Newar civilization we have Malla era 
temples and other monuments?? PNS even
copied the valley architecture in Nuwakot to build "sat taley"
darwar in Nuwakot. He even rebuild (?) Gorkha darwar based on architecture
of valley, dont you see here his acceptance of Newar civilization??  He easily
accepted Newari culture, Newari flag and even asked his successors to use Newari
music for entertainment even though he was married to a women from Banaras,
don’t you see any positive thing here???

Analyzing history on the basis of right and wrong is one thing but
analyzing history and not able to see its positive side is dangerous thing.
Some ppl here boasting so much about Newari culture, my question is was ktm
valley before Neawrs was cultureless?? Then what happened to those culture and
events?? Everything started with Newars or what??? Or, ktm valley before Newars
was like universe before "big bang"???. Please read history very
carefully, civilization themselves are to blame for their demise. If you
read carefully you will find hatred, deceive were in full swing and morality
was in crisis. PNS was there in right place in right time thats all.

I can see this during the period of Rajendra Bir Bikram and Surendra Bir Bikram
and there was this guy Janga Bahadur Rana. He was there in right time and
captured the power and ppl are still blaming him for nothing. It was the
foolishness, power hunger, stupidity lack of trust and hatred amongst the
ruling class, their family and their Vardaars that created the fertile ground
for Janga Bahadur Rana.

Near the end of regime, so called Newar Kings were full of hatred, greed and
there was lack of trust, and everyone was for themselves only thus creating a
fertile ground for third party. PNS was there just to fill the vacant space created by the situation. . It may be that because of PNS’s affection with Newari culture we have vibrant Newari culture till date and all the Newari
architecture in front of us,  is it wrong to think this way?? If there was other guy instead of PNS
he may or may not have loved the Newari culture as PNS did and he may have tried to impose culture and everything of his own as Mallas may have done with the “Likchabi” civilization.

Regarding the Newari language, you can speak your language no problem ( I don’t
speak my language and I don’t feel I have lost my identity, because my identity
is not based on my language) but my question how the Newari language came into
existence?? Was it developed from no where or it was developed from some other
language?? (Wasn’t it the Pali language from which Newari was developed?? Pali
language was working perfectly why develop Newari language from Pali??). One
language gets vanished other languages get developed. Hasn’t this happening for
last 1000 years or so??, then why blame other language and people?? If you
truly love your language and culture then you shouldn’t hate others language and
culture too.

Based on the happening of the past you guys are trying to destroy the harmony
of present. And remember our future is shaped based on our character at present
(that is the meaning of we are responsible for our own future), if our thoughts
are negative and always love to blame others what will be our future?? what
type of society you want to live in??

 If you see only negative things and blame others for the things which were
doomed by the characters of that time, our future is bleak.

It is very easy to get sentimentally attached to own culture and language but
it is very difficult to think outside of the box.

Please don’t make present and
future sour because of misinterpretation of the past. Past is past.

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krom, i respect your personal ideas. embrace them, live on them.

i need not elaborate much on survival of the fittest. go take a look around yourself and you'll get the answer. one elaboration: we started with few homo species few mya and now, just the sapiens rule the planet. another: newars took the ktm valley from someone else and so did the shahs from newars. one more: why do you think you are living in sydney and i in the states? thus, i don't analyze it as a failing principle. we were (still are, in my opinion) beasts who were raised by nature and so we follow the nature's laws. if you survive better, then you rule. simple as that.

about the humanitarian efforts and peace treaty stuff, excluding a few, all others are for run with personal motive, to gain something from the war, the situation. one example here too: why do you think the developed countries help the poor ones while they themselves are indebted. go check the world bank's data on who owes it the most.

the british colony stuff. you took it too literally my friend. i was not talking only about english, but about the trend worldwide. look at south america. excluding few tribal languages, all countries speak european languages. and here too, these european languages survive the best. and in your epitome list, you forgot the US, australia where the tribes were nearly swiped to extinction but yet, they speak the colonist language.

i care not about your two loci proposal. the fact is, i see that you are unwilling to accept the existence of other diversities in their niches during then prithvi shah/unification period. there were multiple loci who suffered. and since all of them are now revolting for something happened in the past, we/nepal are facing the turmoil.

you see no difference between bahun and chhetris. that's most welcome. we actually should see no difference among any castes. in fact, lets not say there are casts at all. when we deny the walls, no one will dare to build them again.

the solution. what do you want the bahunbaad samaaj to do - cry? punish themselves? ask for forgiveness with all of you simply because the then khas kings killed people during war? it's insane dude. think how we can come together, not how we can fight over what happened in the past. sure, the rulers were and still are crook. but that shouldn't make us enemies! remember, we were crying together when the king was murdered? we were marching together during all the legit processions? hell yeah, we even hurled stones at the palace. then why the enmity now?

i like the idea of 'timro maya unaan-saya, mero maya saya. ek thapchhu ma pani, hunchha dui saya'.

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i have heard of newas  saying in.. typical newari accent.".i cannot speak newari".now do you see where the problem is???..some people dont wantt be viewed as newars...they hate their own identity..and some newars dont even have to fake..they simply cant speak newari(speciallhy the present generation)....where do you see the fault now..culture and tradition is something passed on from generations to generations..if you fail in that..its your fault..you did not teach your offsprings about your culture and traditions..dont blame bahun..chettri..tamang..rai..shah...for all that..if newari culture is dissappearing  slowly..its all your fault..no body has done nothing to wipe newars off the face of the earth...PN shah mishandling his anger, reacted in a very animalistic manner..and misbehaved with kirtipures thas very true and not right...my point is... it was only kirtipures he was mad with.who happened to be newars....if you think he he hated newars..dont you think he would have turned out to be somebody  like hitler....he had the most ferocoius army...u see...its all psychologial my newar brothers..its all in your head..j..try to teach your younger generations about all your cultures and traditions and language..i assure if u manage to do this newari culture will never die..it will live forever...

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Whatever people say, Newars are great. Newari cultures are great. Newari language is great. 

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On the few questions that you have raised..
What do I want the Bahunbad Samaj to do?

Creation of a multi-ethnic political environment that truly reflects the multi ethnic Nepalese diaspora.
It is surprising how this question of "coming together" sprung out of the wilderness with the abolishment of the monarchy. Birendra's "peace zone" sanctuary prevailed as minority representation was non-existent, and political and military environs were the domains of the Khas. By the 1980s the well oiled Khas propaganda machine was at its peak with Gorkhapatra and the state run NTV, the only forms of mass media churning out Khas biased propaganda while the education ministry proliferated a linear form of history in books that we all thought were true. "Bir Nepali Sena" of our history books who bravely fought the British were Khas and did not represent other ethnicities. Moreover, with regards to Nepalese independency from the British India Company, contrasting versions of have been researched by writers during the Rana Rule who claim "Nipal" to be a semi-protectorate very much in the manner of the Aden protectorate. Onley states in his book, The Arabian Frontier of the British Raj, that Nepal was a semi independent state and therefore a protectorate of the British depending on the East India Company for military and economic aid. Therefore, it seems very obvious that the notion of Nepal's independency seems to be hilariously a propaganda product of the Khas and has suprisingly prevailed to this day. This notion of our independency from the colonists is so entrenched in our psyche that any suggestion that it could be otherwise would be inviting outrage and anger among our compatriots.
With regards to the caste differences between the "Nepalis"and the Newahs, the post Gorkha unification age saw the Khas ruling class engaged in conforming the multi cultural populace into a Nepalese identity. This attempt to conform the racially diverse populace was confronted with a major problem. The conquered groups themselves had an internal system of caste differentiation like in the case of the Newahs. Therefore, for the construction of a Hinduistic Monarchist feudal society, it was essential to conform all aspects of human life i.e language, religion and culture. Giving the Newari ethnic group, which itself display internal diversity, a single identity and labelling Newar a lower caste in comparison to the conquering Khas, gave them eligibility to hold political and economic monopoly. Also, it perpetuated racial segregation and the consequent view of Newar as an "alien language" led to racial tensions --"NYAR".
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Radical as I may sound, I hold a realistic perspective towards contemporary Nepalese politics. An autonomous Newa state is out of the question. As I have researched and written excessively on this matter I will include some excerpts of my older posts and consequent discussions.

On Newa: demands of an autonomous NEPAL BHASA state

the autonomous Newari state would be a pay off to the Newars who have
been consciously subjugated by the Khas Kings, this autonomous region
would undoubtedly contain almost 60% of GDP and 90% of state
infrastructure. Moving the capital elsewhere will only achieve to
disillusion the public to lose faith with the government leading to
demands for autonomous Madhesi state, a kirati state (Rai, Limbu &
Tamang) in the hills belt and therefore fragment Nepal to a pre
unification state. Despite being a conservative Newar, I doubt an
autonomous state would be beneficial for all concerned with Nepal. The
state as a whole is too poor resource-wise to sustain autonomous

John M. Kelleher
I was genuinely shocked when I first read about the demands of certain
Newar activist groups for an "autonomous state." The Newar population,
far from occupying one contiguous band of territory, is concentrated in
scattered "pockets" within the urban areas of the Kathmandu Valley. The
claim of these Newari actitivists, if I understand them correctly, is that practically the entire Kathmandu Valley should be a Newar autonomous zone [!!!].

that's not realistic. Aside from that, claims of historic victimization
make a rather unhealthy basis for nationalism. Too often, it seems, the
ethnic constituencies of the New Nepal are using "federalism" as a
euphemism for resentment - everyone wants to define their interests in
direct opposition to everyone else's.

It is ludicrous for a
nation the size of the State of Iowa to fragment itself in such a way.
Nepal's diverse makeup must, of course, be respected and accomodated.
But this can be done without balkanization.

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My Nepal -- My Mother

I had not thought this thread will bring together so good points.  Since I knew sajha.com, I’ve always found it as a commonplace to fight.  Now I found this site is not only to fight, it indeed can help people share their knowledge and might be contribute (?) to some amount for the country. 

But I want to go back and make some corrections from earlier the above posts “Though Shukra Raj Shastri also belonged to Bahun community, yet he was considered worthy to be hanged.” But I think bhikhaari misread the name as dashrath chand thaakur. 

Krom has pointed out right “Despite being a conservative Newar, I doubt an

autonomous state would be beneficial for all concerned with Nepal.”  See Newars want to keep peace and maintain harmony in the whole nation.  They don’t want an autonomous newar, or limbuwan, or tharuwan or, karnali, or madhesi, or whatever blah blah.  We all know defining autonomous states break the country in parts like it was before as baisi-chaubisi rajya.  Then, then we need another PN Shah to unify Nepal once again.  Damn, what u think guys?  No we don’t need another PN Shah.  Within first five years India will take “Ek Madesh”; in the second phase, tharuwan, another phase limbuwan…. IS THAT CLEAR? 

We don’t want to split the country neither is it time to fight among ourselves.  We just want peaceful, powerful, and secured nation where every citizen being treated equally and every nook of country developed.  Every inch of our motherland fortified secure.

all views WELCOME!!!

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 Bhoya Gubley!!! Viagara baaji na thay naiu...

Did I say right? I think I am learning good newari...


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